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Foreign exchange risk management

The foreign exchange risk is a part of every business with foreign counterparts. It refers to both large corporations and the individual investor. We specialize in managing and limiting foreign exchange risk.

Basic hedging operations:

  • Currency option - a financial product that gives the right but not the obligation to exchange currency at a predetermined exchange rate.
  • Currency option with offset premiums options
  • Forward foreign exchange contracts - financial products that establish a right and an obligation of the customer to exchange currency in the future at a predetermined exchange rate.

Forward Plus

Flexible Forward

  • Forex trading by a bank account (real delivery), cash-desk (real delivery) and on margin. "Financial House Logos-TM" JSC offers competitive exchange rates, the ability to negotiate rates for large and delivery collection.

We are leader in providing forex trading on margin account for professional currency dealers or speculative minded investors seeking quick profits at higher levels of risk.

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